January 2016

We have: 

An "O" scale layout  99 in. x 240 in. Lionel stocked setup and running - scenic work being  done and
additional storage track and turnouts being added                                                

A "O" scale Christmas scene layout 48" x 72" was on display at Christmastime at the Warsaw Nursing Home.

 A "N" scale layout (2' x 4')

 "HO" scale  We have built 6 modules for our  "HO" scale  Layout. (planed for future expansion capabilities)   The Basic Module is a bench - 48 inches long - 26 inches deep - 40 inches tall - we have three (3) owned by member  - The End Loop benches are Club owned and are 48" x 82" x 40" tall and the 48' x 48" corner Module is member owned.  Members are painting the right of way, ballasting and will be scenicing  benches according to a "flexible" master plan.  The Track plan is a "loop to loop" switching layout designed to be used with 2 or more cab operating sessions. We are using NCE PH-PRO DCC cab control.

"HO" scale  We have a 144"' x 24" switching layout to be used as a portable layout to be shown at various events in the area - this layout will be able to run on either DC or DCC and has been designed to also attach to the Club's existing layout creating a division point yard for the GLAC RR

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